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Vehicle GoGo is a simple to use service that aims to save you money on buying petrol and diesel in the UK. Use our tools to search for the cheapest fuel prices near your current location and save money every time you fill up, simply by avoiding the most expensive petrol stations.
Our fuel price data is updated every day. On some pages in our petrol station directory you may see older data, along with an indicator of how old the data is. If the data is over 1 day old you will see a button to update the fuel prices for that particular petrol station.
Register for our Fuel Price Alerts, and we’ll send you regular emails with a link to the cheapest fuel in your local area. By using our alerts, you can ensure you only buy petrol or diesel at the cheapest locations, and thus avoid spending more money than you need on overpriced fuel.
Use our fuel price map to search for the cheapest petrol stations in your local area. You can also filter by fuel type and petrol station brand if required.
Yes we can! Join the site today, and set up your Fuel Price Alerts to get notified of the cheapest places to buy fuel in your local area. The price of petrol and diesel varies everyday, and the fuel companies are always competing with each other. This results in the cheapest fuel provider in an area often changing, even on a day-by-day basis. To stay on top of this, our alerts will tell you which petrol station to buy from, and which ones to avoid.
No. To keep our costs down, we have designed our website to work well on mobile phones, so that an app is not needed. You can add a link to the site from your homescreen to enable you to find the cheapest fuel near you, wherever you may be in the UK.
We have a friendly customer service team on hand to help you between 9am and 5pm weekdays. Please visit our contact page to send them a message.